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  • Library Facility | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Facilities And Policies Usha Mittal Institute Of Technology Usha Mittal Institute Of Technology Usha Mittal Institute Of Technology 1/2 Related Navigation Question Papers Syllabus Library Collection Library Facility The UMIT library aims at providing access to its printed resources such as books and journals as well as electronic journals and online databases primarily for the use of faculty and staff at UMIT. Its holdings should reflect their interest largely. The library stock is increasing at a rate of approximately 1,000 books a year. The library also subscribes to over 50 current periodicals and to a range of electronic journals and databases. The library is supervised by a committee consisting of the librarian and three members from the faculty. The digital library has informative CDs, study material in interactive format and so on which are used by the students for better understanding of the subjects and students also have access to internet and websites. Loss and Defacement of Books, Journals, and other Library Articles The cost of replacement with additional 20% handling fee will be charged to the person for loss or damage to the library materials. Book grants may not be used to settle library dues. Any member if determined to have defaced or damaged any library item intentionally will have his/her library privileges revoked for a period of time determined by the library committee. Library privileges may be revoked permanently for multiple or serious offences. Members must take care of library materials and must not deface them by underlining, writing or drawing in them, by removing any part of them, or in any other way. Library Timings: Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Books Distribution Limit

  • Internship | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Hackathon and Internship Home / Placements Hackathon Internship Hackathon NASA Space App Challange Make inventive solutions to real-world challenges using actual data from space. 2nd Oct - 3rd Oct, 2021 Tech Jam TechJam is a global collaboration platform to crowdsource technology-led innovations from the brightest minds across the globe to develop implementable solutions and prototypes to transform the game of Cricket on and off the field. 22nd June - 2nd Sept, 2021 Tech for Sustainability Tech for Sustainability is a global initative for students, researchers, startups and innovative individuals to leverage technology to solve real-world sustainability challenges and shape our future along with Siemens. Participate by choosing a challenge listed below and work on real problems by submitting your ideas. 27th July - 21st Sept, 2021 Peddie Hacks PeddieHacks is a 48 hour online hackathon hosted by the Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey. It is open to all high school and college undergraduate students and is a competition where novice and experienced programmers work together to design solutions for real world problems and participate in workshops. Aug 20 - Aug 22, 2021 Elevate Hacks Elevate Hacks is an international virtual hackathon for female identifying and non-binary students coming from August 13th to 15th Aug 13 - Aug 15, 2021 Sego Lily Hacks Sego Lily Hacks is Salt Lake City’s first virtual hackathon for women and non-binary individuals in high school and university from all around the world. Aug 6 - Aug 8, 2021 RoboHacks Build futuristic projects at RoboHacks with us! Think of innovative solutions using technology and work on projects that inspire you. Whether it's building a robot to learn something new or working on automation, this weekend is all about hacking something incredible! Join us for a fun weekend of hacking, workshops, mini-events, and more! While we'd love to have you build something on the theme, our themes are only here for inspiration. As always, build whatever you'd like! Aug 6 - Aug 8, 2021 ETHOdyssey The mainstream is waking up to the wonders of the blockchain. With more eyes on the ecosystem than ever before, this is an unparalleled opportunity to build the decentralized applications that the masses will use. Get ready for ETHOdyssey: A Global Ethereum hackathon part of the ETHIndia Online series! July 2 - August 1, 2021

  • UA^2 | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Council and Committees Gallery Usha Mittal Institute of technology had its alumnae association way back in 2008 which has been reestablished in 2015 with the aim of connecting the Alumnae with the college. UA^2 - UMIT Alumni Association formed in order to foster new and strong bonds between the alumni, students and the faculty members. It offers student- alumni contact, networking services and various events and reunions. Activities ALUMNAE MEET 2020-21 QUIZATHON LIVE SESSIONS WITH ALUMNAE INTERACTIONS WITH OUR ALUMNAE Co- Ordinators Prof. Rajni Nair Prof. Sharmila K. Council 2021-22 Contact us ~

  • Departments | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology


  • General Engineering | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    General Engineering & Applied Science 1/2 Links Departments Faculty Induction Programme Faculty Participation in STTP/FDP Timetable The Department of General Engineering of Usha Mittal Institute of Technology sphere heads the role of providing support to the engineering degree awarding departments of the institute. The mission of the department is to provide a strong foundation in fundamental subjects to aspiring students of engineering and to empower them to face real time challenges of the professional world. By facilitating the process of helping budding engineers expand and upgrade their knowledge the department acts as a valuable collaborative partner to other Departments of the Institute. The department foots in fundamentals to help the students keep themselves abreast with the dynamic world of engineering and prepares them to transition from the college to the corporate world. A dedicated group of highly qualified and motivated teachers act as mentors and facilitators to provide the much needed scaffolding and hand holding to the young first year students of engineering. The faculty is supported by experts from the academia and industry in providing a dynamic and learner centric teaching learning experience to the students. All the courses are taught using the blended mode with the use of ICT tools to enhance learner experience. The faculty members of the department have been extensively using the Moodle as a learning management system since 2015. Project and practical oriented approaches are the hallmarks of the department as it endeavors to provide a strong base in value based learning and critical thinking with a focus on ethics, soft skills and hands on experience in the core subjects of science and technology. ​ Contact Us: Vision " Strong Fundamentals as Foundation for Engineers " The Department of General Engineering will strive to be the most resourceful department for supporting the engineering degree-granting departments and to provide society with professionals ready to help in the solution of challenging engineering problems through an in-depth knowledge in interdisciplinary fields. Mission To facilitate the process of helping budding engineers expand and upgrade their knowledge To develop and improve curricula, laboratories, instruction delivery systems and scholarly activities to help enhance quality of students To support faculty development through participation in technical, professional and community activities To be recognized as a valuable collaborative partner to other Departments of the Institute Programme Objectives Best practices & Salient Features Laboratories Engineering Drawing Hall Engg. Drawing Hall Workshop Lab Workshop Lab AS Lab Chemistry AS Lab Chemistry Mechanics Lab Mechanics Lab AS Lab Physics AS Lab Physics Workshop Lab Workshop Lab

  • Student achievement_CST | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Student Achievement CST Links Departments Faculty STTP/FDP/Workshops Conducted Faculty Participation in STTP/FDP Timetable Projects Student Achievement

  • Academic Calendar | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Academic Calendar Related Navigation UG Programme PG Programme PhD Programme Departments Faculty Academic Calendar Rules and Regulations Virtual Education & Value Addition Scholarship Year Even Semester Odd Semester 2020-21 Even Semester Odd Semester 2019-20 Even Semester Odd Semester 2018-19 Even Semester Odd Semester 2017-18 Even Semester Odd Semester 2016-17 Even Semester Odd Semester

  • ENC STTP | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Faculty in Electronics & Communication / Electronics Engineering Home / Department / Electronics-and-communication / Faculty Dr. Shikha Nema Professor, (HoD of ENC & EE) Ph.D Experience : 28.8 years Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Communication,5G,MIMO Anteena,IOT and Machine Learing Dr. Seema Hanchate Assistant Professor Ph.D Experience : 27 years Signal processing, wireless communication, Massive MIMO Mr. Bharat Patil Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 27.6 years Antenna , Electromagnetics , Microwaves, Fiber optic Communication Dr Akhilesh Kumar Pandey Associate Professor Ph.D Experience : 14.8 years RF and Microwave Dr. Kavita Mhatre Associate Professor Ph.D Experience : 27 years Wireless Networks, Ad hoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Networks, Mobile Computing. Mr. Yashwant Kale Assistant Professor M.E.(EXTC), M.B.A. (Finance) Experience : 27.5 years Microprocessor and Microcontrollers, Embedded Systems Mrs. Kiran Dange Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 23 years Image Processing Dr. Santoshi Pote Associate Professor Ph.D Experience : 27 years Finite Field Arithmatic and its Application, Crptography,Elliptic Field Cryptography Mr. Ajay Lahane Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 27 years Discrete and Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Embedded Systems Mrs. Arundhati Mehendale Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 15 years Digital signal Processing, AI, DL

  • Timetable_ENC_EE | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Class Timetable ENC/EE Academic Year 2020-2021 ENC CLASS ODD SEMESTER EVEN SEMESTER Second Year Sem III Sem IV Third Year Sem V Sem VI Final Year Sem VII Sem VIII Links Departments Faculty STTP/FDP/Workshops Conducted Faculty Participation in STTP/FDP Timetable Projects Student Achievement EE Class ODD SEMESTER EVEN SEMESTER Second Year Sem III Sem IV Third Year Sem V Sem VI Final Year Sem VII Sem VIII

  • Vision and Objective | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Vision and Objectives To be an academic institute of technology of high repute that would transform the lives of young women, empowering them through world-class engineering education. Goals and Objectives Achieving excellence in engineering education of women Establishing linkages with national and international organizations for the pursuit of academic excellence. Fostering all round development of women engineers and technologists by encouraging interaction with some of the best in the computing and engineering professions. Promoting advanced research through doctoral and postdoctoral work. Creating teaching-learning material of high quality and well trained women engineers for both the academia and the industry. Encouraging interaction with and sensitizing to the needs of the community.

  • Electronics and Communications | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Electronics and Communications Links Departments Faculty STTP/FDP/Workshops Conducted Faculty Participation in STTP/FDP Timetable Projects Student Achievement Department of Electronics and Communication at Usha Mittal Institute of Technology emphasizes on making girl students Industry ready . In order to achieve this ,Syllabus of the department is designed with the help of Industrial experts who are members of Board of studies and reflects state of art technology. We Conduct programs with advanced subjects which are trending at International levels . Department of electronics and communication promotes projects which are Based on latest hardware and software technology. Hardware projects are based on current technologies like IOT , Robotics , VLSI etc. Software projects are based on machine learning, data science and its applications. We use Open source software for developing most of these projects and as an outcome our students are industry ready. Department gives special emphasis on Research. Currently more than 10 students are pursuing their PhD under the department. The research has always been fruitful and has lead to several publications in International and national journals and conferences. It has also lead us to win an award at Avishkar 2019-20 which was won by our PhD student Shreya Bokare. Students of Second year ENC and EE have secured 18th Position in Toycathon 2021 , which was held under Modi Government’s initiative of made in India. Students of final year have also won first prize in Embedded system category of 5th National Level IEEE project Competition 2020-21 . We are having collaborations with industry and academia . Guidance and expert talks are arranged for students and staff to make them aware of current technology trends . Sports and cultural events and various technical societies groom the overall personality of students. With all the inputs from various sources and great efforts of our teachers results in excellent placement statistics and internship opportunities for students. The students are getting placed in excellent industries with great pay package. Many of them are pursuing post graduation in India and abroad at top universities. The students who come from all over India are given adequate atmosphere for nurturing their potential to full bloom. Vision To be a center of learning and excellence that provides world class facilities and knowledge to women aspiring to reach the pinnacle of success in the field of electronics and communication having a firm background in academics, research, innovation and leadership. Mission To offer state of the art facilities to promote research and leadership in the field of electronics and communication To instill the attitude of learning to apply, evaluate and create conceptual knowledge with core ethical and social foundation. To motivate students to develop entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary skills. Programmes Offered B. Tech in Electronics & Communication B. Tech in Electronics Engineering M. Tech in Electronics & Communication PhD in Electronics & Communication Programme Objectives Demonstrate a firm background in fundamentals of mathematics, science and engineering. Design and develop state of the art and cost effective solutions to real life engineering problems Display excellent soft skills and communication skills with a focus on promoting and providing ethical and techno-savvy leadership Develop an attitude of lifelong and continuous learning and research aiming to achieve excellence in higher education and professional life. Best practices & Salient Features Facilities & Departmental Activities Fully equipped laboratories Conduction of more than twenty student centric programs in the last academic year on topics like Recent Technologies in Electronics and Communication Financial wellness program Entrepreneurship Environmental science awareness National level project competition with participation of more than three Universities and 50 plus projects from all over India Research based programs on Blockchain and Python and its real time applications. Proper guidance for different competitive exams and career by different expertise. Counselling of the students by faculties and experts. Students and faculty visit underground Metro sites , Air traffic control , Mumbai Industrial , Mahindra and Mahindra tra ctor division etc. Laboratories PROJECT LAB ELECTRONICS DEVICES LAB ADVANCED EMI LAB POWER ELECTRONICS LAB ADVANCED COMMUNICATION LAB CONTROL SYSTEM LAB INTEGRATED CIRCUIT LAB MICROCESSOR LAB COMMUNICATIONS LAB

  • IT Faculty | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Faculty in Information Technology Home / Department / Information-Technology / Faculty Dr. Sanjay S. Shitole Professor (HoD of IT) Ph.D. Experience : 32 years Machine Learning, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Geospatial Technologies, Fuzzy logic, Document preparation System, Learning to Learn Ms. Prachi A. Dhannawat Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 22 years Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Database Management system, Operating System, Discrete Mathematics Mr. Prakash Khelage Assistant Professor M.Tech Experience : 24 years Software defined network(SDN),MANET,VANET,Security over SDN,IOT Mr. Rajesh Kolte Assistant Professor (HoD of DS) M.Tech Experience : 26.5 years Wireless Network,Software Defined Network Ms. Sujata Kullur Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 21 years Distributed System,Cloud Computing,Data Mining,Database Ms. Poonam Dharpawar Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 3 years Digital Signal Processing, Networking Mr.Mohan Bonde Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 25 years Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Analysis of Algorithms & Complexity Dr. Anita Morey Assistant Professor Ph.D. Experience : 22 years Data Structure,Artificial Intelligence,Wireless Communication

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