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GeeksforGeeks UMIT Student Chapter is an ever growing community for students interested in Computer Science and other core technical competencies. GeeksforGeeks UMIT Chapter focuses on sharing knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and learn building effective and optimized solutions for real world problems for their community as per the latest technological trends. Our mission is that we can help the students become best techno-crates and industry ready professionals. As a chapter, we aim to provide the students with various events and webinars on coding or placements as well as topics that benefit them in the long run. We want to also focus on contests that show the participants their strengths and weakness in order to develop themselves into a well-rounded individual



Data Science Learning Quiz

Beat the Heat Quiz

Python Coding Quiz

Code Stack Quiz

Interview Preparation

Webinar on Introduction to ML and DS

GFG Council

Council 2022-23

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