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Rules and Regulations

General Rules


Attending Lectures / Labs

  1. Students coming late to the Institute will not be allowed in the classes.        

  2. Bunking classes is not allowed in any case.               

  3. In order to monitor the academic progress as well as the overall development of our students, we nominate one staff member as Class Advisor to whom students can approach for guidance. The students as well as their parents are welcome to contact the Class Advisor any time during the session (with prior appointment).

  4. While  the lecture or the lab is in progress, a student is supposed to keep her mobile phone switched off failing which severe punishment can be given.

Prohibition of Ragging

Ragging within or outside the institute is strictly prohibited. Whoever student directly or indirectly participates in, abets or propagates ragging within or outside the institute shall face strict disciplinary action as per the provision of Maharashtra Prohibition of RAGGING ACT, 1999.

Office Discipline

Students are advised to look at notice boards for various circulars/notices etc. displayed regarding payment of fees, commencement of examination and other matters of academic interest. Whenever dates have been given for payment of Tuition Fees/Exam Fees etc. students should pay the fees well before the last date. This will avoid penalties as well as inconvenience to them.

Students should not come to the Office for Railway concession or any other matter while their theory classes /practical are in progress. Further, whenever they come to Office, they should maintain proper discipline and decorum and they shall always follow the Queue system and shall not crowd near the counters and should not block main entrance & exit points.

Picnics & Outings

Students will not be permitted to organize/participate in private picnics/outings even on Sundays/Holidays without the written consent of the college Principal. All picnics/outings have to be authorized and accompanied by college staff. Any failure to comply with the rule will lead to strict action.

Internet Usage

Students are required to use the internet facility only for academic purposes and not for any other purposes like chatting. Misuse of this facility and tarnishing the image of the Institute or the faculty members on social networking sites will be liable for punishment and strict action.


Students found stealing other’s property or institutional property will be severely dealt with. If the institutional property/facility is damaged/stolen, the entire batch of students will be penalized and the cost will be recovered as deemed fit.

Suggestion Box

The suggestion box is provided by the Office. The students can use it for their problems, suggestions, complaints etc.

Principal’s Signature

Students should come to the Principal's Office for signature or for attestation during the recess time or only after their theory classes/practical are over.

The above conditions are as per the Rules & Regulations of the Institute and all students should strictly follow them. Strict action will be taken against the student, if she fails to observe them.

Any matter not covered by these Rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal.

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