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Virtual Education and Value Addition in Pandemic

Virtual Education and Value addition initiatives during the pandemic

  • Usha Mittal Institute of Technology Committed to the cause of undeterred learning during the lockdown period, UMIT
    endeavored to provide holistic virtual learning to all its students during the lockdown period through innovative online teaching learning methodologies and use of ICT tools.

Tools used for online teaching learning

  • Lectures : Zoom, OneNote, Google Classroom, Google duo, Big Blue Button (Moodle) Screencast-O-Matic(for lecture recording), Edmodo.

  • Labs: Oscar, Virtual labs, Octave

  • Presentation : Zoom, Webex, You Tube, Moodle, Google Meet, Virtual Labs, Podcasts, Audio Recordings.

  • Online Examination/ Quizzes/ Assignments : Moodle, Edmodo, Gdriv, Gamified, gmail, Whatsapp, Google Classroom, Mentimeter, Mind Mapping Tools, Infographics, Virtual Labs.

Value Addition

  • Innovating Delivery Models : UMIT used a distinct combination of synchronous and asynchronous online courses, adaptive learning technologies, and face-to-face encounters with a thrust on learner engagement using Blended learning / Online
    teaching through Zoom, one-note and big blue button of Moodle- Online test, discussion forums (students are actively participating so that self learning take place), LMS Design, virtual laboratories and other learner centric teaching learning

  • Faculty engagement : Faculty groomed for more flexible involvement and engagement in interdisciplinary activities and team teaching that can help students through seminars, mini projects and major projects. Faculty upskilled by
    participating in various seminars, workshops, webinars and other training programs. Regular interaction and collating experiences was done through weekly online meetings with the Principal.

  • Standardizing experiential learning: To reduce the gap between student’s learning and hands-on fieldwork, opportunities for corporate involvement, internships and live experience was provided to support continuous learning, reskilling and
    training throughout the various stages. We already have our students doing Internship for Flipkart and we are planning to  connect with other recruiters to provide similar opportunities to students. Our students also worked on live
    projects to help create apps and websites for third party industry players.

  • Curated Coursera Courses: Specially curated courses for UMIT SNDT WU was created with Coursera for students and staff to improve the skills. The courses are taught by top instructors from world-class universities and companies to learn something new.

  • Online Assessment: Submission and presentation of assignments, quizzes, seminars and projects was taken online. In case the students had problems accessing the internet, special provision was made for them to either submit their assignments through
    WhatsApp or phone calls made by the faculty. The online synchronous lectures were recorded and shared with the students on YouTube and LMSs.

  • Certificate Courses: The Information Technology, Electronics and Communication and Computer Science and Technology Departments will be offering certificate courses in 6 thrust areas of Technology IoT and Embedded Systems, SMAC, Data Analytics, Geospatial Information Systems, Cybersecurity and Visual Effects and Graphics.

  • Online Interactions: Regular online interaction with departmental tasks such as planning new semesters, subject allocation, etc.

  • Projects: Students Projects and ideas for innovation that can form a basis for Made in India Program were identified and prepared for the same.

  • Patents: Encouraging students and helping them to get innovative projects patented or published/presented in National and International Journals and Conferences.

  • Training: National and international webinars, seminars, workshops and Faculty Development Programs to bring Internationalization home were organized. Online training was provided to students to appear and excel in competitive exams like GATE, GRE etc.

  • Career Guidance: Collaborated with industry and other partners to provide online career guidance to students.

  • Alumnae Connect: Alumni participation was ensured through programs like Alumni connect and mentorship.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities: Opportunities were provided to students to participate in online cultural, sports and NSS programs.

  • Online Activities: Awareness was created with the community through online platforms about the pandemic and the importance of physical fitness and mental astuteness during the Pandemic.

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