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The Writers' Club

The writers' club of UMIT is a literature club for the students. It initiated with the thought of adding a fun element to the student's life while fostering their creativity. The club has an integral part in creating the first-ever annual magazine for UMIT. The writers' club encourages the students to stimulate their ideas into ravishing articles. The club accepts all captivating pieces, including technical and non-technical writings.
We plan to do a book activity where the students can exchange their books and discuss them. Another idea is to embellish the soft board with the artwork and written submissions. The students can also submit their poems, short articles, blogs, and more for various online platforms of the college. The club intends to organise mini literature games like storytelling, essay writing and others. We hope to become a medium through which the students can come together, connect and collaborate on their thoughts.

Magazine Usha Mittal Institute Of technology

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Annual Magazine

Usha Mittal Institute Of Technology

Prof. Rajni Nair

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Council 2021-22

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