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Journal Titles

  1. Indian Journal of Wireless and Mobile Communications

  2. Journal of Advance Software Engineering

  3. Indian Journal of Information and Computer Science technology

  4. Indian Journal of Advance Computer and VLSI Design

  5. Journal of The Institution of Engineers(India):Series A

  6. International journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

  7. Indian Journal of Simulation and Wireless Communication

  8. International journal of Semiconductor Science and Technology

  9. Indian journal of Electronics Engineering and Communication Engineering

  10. Journal of Information and Computation technology

  11. International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research

  12. Indian Journal of Simulation And Wireless Communication

  13. Indian Journal of Information Science and Computer Application

  14. International journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

  15. Indian Journal of Signal and Image Processing

  16. Indian Journal of Mathematical Modelling Applied Computing

  17. Indian journal of Image Processing and Technique

  18. International Journal of Electronics and communication Engineering

  19. Indian Journal of Embedded System in Engineering Research

  20. Indian Journal of Advances in Communication Engineering

  21. The Indian Journal of Technical Education

  22. International Journal of Networking and Computer Engineering

  23. Advances in Wireless and Mobile Communication

  24. Journal of The Institution of Engineers(India):series B

  25. Indian Journal of Electronic Engineering and Communication research

  26. Indian Journal of Statistics and Analysis

  27. Indian Journal of Information  Security and Computer

  28. Indian Journal of Wireless Networks and Communications

  29. Indian Journal of Digital Electronic Technologies

  30. Indian Journal of Information Science and Education

  31. Indian Journal of Computer Science in Higher Education

  32. International Journal of Advanced Software Engineering

  33. International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research

  34. International Journal of Soft Computing Process and Techniques

  35. Indian Journal of Electronic Tele Communications Engineering

  36. Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics

  37. Indian Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Science

  38. Impact Journal on Communication Technology

  39. IEC International Journal of Technology and Management IEC group of Institutions

  40. International Journal of Technology

  41. Indian Journal of Information and Computation Technology

  42. Global Journal of Electronics and Communication Research

  43. International journal of computer and electronic engineering

  44. Indian journal of Modern wireless & optical communication

  45. Journal of Advance Software Engineering

  46. Journal of Information and Computation technology

  47. International Journal of Computing Process and Techniques

  48. Indian journal of computer networking & modern techniques

Titles of Magazines

  1. Technology Focus

  2. Communications ACM

  3. Tomorrow’s Technology Today(T3)

  4. IEEE Communications Magazine

  5. Composites Today

  6. Praudyogiki vishes

  7. SKOAR

  8. Digit

  9. DL digital learning

  10. Open Source for you

  11. Electronics For You Plus

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