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Placement Guidelines

Guiding Principles

The placement unit at UMIT will not compel students to accept any job offer, nor will it recommend any particular student to the industry. The entire procedure being purely voluntary, the Placement unit will serve to merely bridge the gap between a job-aspirant and a prospective employer. It will however help students to plan their careers by providing information and guiding them about the companies which approach the Institute for placement


  1. At the beginning of the placements a meeting of final-year students interested in placement will be organized where students will be briefed about the modus operandi of placement procedures and the expectations of industry based on the market dynamics and experience of previous year.

  2. Students will register with the placement office latest by the advised deadline after that registration will not be validated. Any student who will not register will not be allowed to appear for campus interview.

Off Campus Applications & Pre Placement Offers (PPO)

  1. Any student, who procures an off-campus job, is required to report the same to the placement office within one working day.

  2. All pre placement offers extended to any student have to be routed through the placement cell. Any student, who receives a pre-placement offer, is required to report the same to the placement office within one working day.

  3. All companies which take students for summer internships will be asked in advance about any Pre Placement Offers they have extended. The student will be given a choice to accept or reject the offer till one day before the start of the placements. In case the student accepts it; the PPO would be treated equivalent to securing a job through the placement cell. If the student does not accept the offer, the company would be notified (before the first day of placements) of the same.

  4. Any breach of these rules shall lead to the student getting debarred from the placement process. Any student found to have secured a pre placement offer and not informed the placement cell of the same will be debarred from the placement process and the company will be notified of the same. Besides this, UMIT can also take any further action, as necessary.

UMIT Campus Placement Instruction for Students

  1. Companies are being requested to have a Pre Placement Talk before they begin the selection process. Due to large number of companies visiting the campus, simultaneous PPTs could be conducted. A student might not be able to attend all PPTs. In such a case students would get a brief written profile of the company from the control room/ Placement Notice Board.

  2. The Companies who are not doing a formal PPT will give a brief written profile which will be posted on the PLACEMENT NOTICE BOARD of the Campus holding the placements. This will also be available with the student volunteers responsible for these companies.

  3. All students are requested to clarify all their doubts during the PPT and make an informed decision about the companies where they would like to apply. After the PPT is over, interested students may give their registration number (consent for appearing in interview) to the student volunteers. No student will individually handover resume to any Company.

  4. Student’s name will be taken off from the registration list as soon as he/she gets the confirmed offer from any company and will not be eligible to sit for any more interviews irrespective of the categories of jobs, i.e. in case the student has appeared for multiple interviews, the first offer would be considered as the ‘final job offer’ If any student doesn’t accept a confirmed offer then UMIT will not allow  him/her to sit for any further interview.

  5. Students must carry enough number of copies of their resumes.

  6. Students may contact the placement cell in case of any queries/ problems

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. During the Interview the Students must follow formal dress code whereas they can be in smart casuals also. However under no circumstances casual dresses, short skirts, distraught/torn jeans or revealing dresses be worn.

  2. The design students must carry their portfolio and if possible physical samples of their work in a proper portfolio or smart bags. The Technology and Management may carry reports and documents of the projects undertaken.

  3. The Placement procedure should be taken in the right spirit. Any student found influencing the interview panel directly or indirectly with personal contacts will be disqualified.

Job Offers

  • A student shall be allowed to go through the selection processes, based on specified criteria, till she secures a job offer.

  • Students shall not request any organization to keep an offer pending. Any such request shall be considered as a serious breach of the placement norms.

  • They shall also not request their future employers to allow extension of deadline for communication of their decision regarding offers made by an organization. Such a job offer shall be treated as a final offer and the student shall not be eligible for placement assistance, thereafter.

  • All offers of a particular company shall be announced at the end of the selection process of that company. All offers shall be routed through the Placement cell only

   Withdrawal Procedure

  • Any student who has applied for a particular company can withdraw from the company after the Pre Placement Talk.

  • Once the selection procedure has started, students cannot withdraw at any stage, unless they have a final offer from another organization. It is presumed that students would apply for a position after careful consideration of all the relevant aspects.

  • If a student does not appear for interview after giving the nomination and confirmation after PPT, he/she is deemed to have withdrawn.

Points to be Remembered

  • Keep record of organizations and positions for which they apply.

  • Keep notes on the job details announced. These are useful at the time of interview.

  • Prepare completely for attending the various Written Tests, Group Discussions and Interviews, particularly in respect of the specific company for which they are appearing.

  • Students shall not, at the time of interview, negotiate with the employer about salary and terms different from what is announced earlier, unless the announcement specifies that the salary is negotiable.

  • While attending interviews, students must be punctual and come in formal dress only.

  • Never take a cell phone into an interview.

  • The students must observe and adhere to all codes of conduct rules specified by UMIT.

  • While answering questions in the interview, students should observe decorum. They should abstain from making any kind of derogatory remarks about others. The impact of the behaviour exhibited by the interviewees has at times reduced the opportunities available to future batches of students. Irresponsible behaviour, such as efforts to "market" oneself, derogatory remarks about other candidates or the university, negotiations other than those purported under the due process, will be seriously viewed. Such students may be denied further Placement Assistance

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