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The Department of General Engineering of Usha Mittal Institute of Technology sphere heads the role of providing support to the engineering degree awarding departments of the institute.


The mission of the department is to provide a strong foundation in fundamental subjects to aspiring students of engineering and to empower them to face real time challenges of the professional world. By facilitating  the process of helping budding engineers expand and upgrade their knowledge the department acts as  a valuable collaborative partner to  other Departments of the Institute.


The department foots in fundamentals to help the students keep themselves abreast with the dynamic world of engineering and prepares them to  transition from the college to the corporate world.


A dedicated group of highly qualified and motivated teachers act as mentors and facilitators to  provide the much needed scaffolding and hand holding to the young first year students of engineering. The faculty is supported by experts from the academia and industry in providing a dynamic and learner  centric teaching learning experience to the students.


All the courses are taught using the blended mode with the use of ICT tools to enhance learner experience. The faculty members of the department have been extensively using the Moodle as a learning management system since 2015. Project and practical oriented approaches are the hallmarks of the department as it endeavors to provide a strong base in value based learning and critical thinking with a focus on ethics, soft skills and hands on experience in the core subjects of science and technology.

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" Strong Fundamentals as Foundation for Engineers "

                     The Department of General Engineering will strive to be the most resourceful department for supporting the engineering degree-granting departments and to provide society with professionals ready to help in the solution of challenging engineering problems through an in-depth knowledge in interdisciplinary fields.


  • To facilitate the process of helping budding engineers expand and upgrade their knowledge

  • To develop and improve curricula, laboratories, instruction delivery systems and scholarly activities to help enhance quality of students

  • To support faculty development through participation in technical, professional and community activities

  • To be recognized as a valuable collaborative partner to other Departments of the Institute

Programme Objectives

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Best practices & Salient Features

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