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  • Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS View More Announcements EVENTS View More RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT View More TESTIMONIALS View More OUR ALUMNI To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. OUR INDUSTRY RECRUITERS To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. MEDIA CENTER View More Best Engineering college in Mumbai, a landmark in technical education for women.

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    Mandatory Disclosure Mandatory Disclosure Cut off Marks for Admission Examination Results Placements Report AICTE Approval Letter (2021-22) AICTE Approval Letters (2013-14 to 2020-21) Annual Reports (2015-16 to 2019-20)

  • STUDENT LIFE | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    COUNCIL AND COMMITTEES GALLERY College Festival The annual festival of the college Arcane Illusions is celebrated with a great enthusiasm with students participating from different colleges. Usha Mittal Institute organizes various seminars and workshops on recent technologies to keep the students updated. ​ Seminar and Workshop SEMINAR WORKSHOPS Kothaligad Karjat Baramulla Srinagar Charminar Hyderabad Industrial Visits The Industrial visits organized by different councils and committees helps students to gain real life experience. STUDENT COUNCIL IEEE CSI ACM Developer Student Club E-CELL SPORTS Code Chef UA ^2 NSS COUNCILS Council Festivals Every year many technical and non-technical events are organized in Usha Mittal Institute Of Technology for overall development of the Students SPORTS The college organizes an annual one-week sports festival and the students also participate in intercollegiate sports activities throughout the year To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Our Contribution to the Society The college has an NSS unit that conducts various activities like beach cleaning, blood donation, etc to help contribute to the betterment of society. SELF DEFENCE TRAINING DISASTER MANAGEMENT TRAINING It aims to ensure an effective and coordinated response to disasters. Self-defense is highly crucial in dangerous and intimidating situations to avoid you from being shaken and froze. It gives you confidence and knowledge to back yourself in an unfavorable scenario. TREE PLANTATION DRIVE MEDICAL CAMP CLEANLINESS DRIVE BLOOD DONATION DRIVE Engineering Site Visits Usha Mittal Institute of Technology organizes site visits to give students a real exposure. Out of gallery Student form Usha Mittal Institute of Technology take part in the university level competitions in various sectors such as sports, dancing, singing, and many more. Other Activities

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    ADMISSION 2021-22 DTE Code: 3035 First Year / Direct Second Year Tel: +91 94220 44057 | Enquiry for First Year Direct Second Year Submit Thanks for submitting!

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    Research Highlight Home / Policy-and-Research-Area De-Speckling of Synthetic Aperture Radar Using Discrete Fourier Transform A novel technique is propounded, which uses Boxcar filter for reduction of speckle-noise whilst retaining the point targets, edges and texture with the inclusion of Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) in the speckle reduction framework. Sanjav Shitole, Vijal Jain, V. S. K. Vanama Urban area classification with quad-pol L-band ALOS-2 SAR data: A case of Chennai city, India The fully-polarimetric L-band ALOS-2 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data of the two land regions, having heterogeneous land uses, as high-rise high-density and medium-rise low-density of the Chennai city is used for rapid identification of the urban regions. A comparative assessment of the two supervised classification algorithms such as Wishart and Support Vector Machine (SVM) is presented to classify urban areas from non urban areas. The results of classification with the two classes as urban and non urban indicate that the SVM outperformed the Wishart supervised classification algorithm. Dhanashri S. Kanade, Venkata Sai Krishna Vanama and Sanjay Shitole Patent-Smart Barricades for traffic congestion reduction This project proposes an electronic barricade system which will divert this one way traffic to the underutilized side of the road during peak hours. The barricade will move forward & backward for vehicles to change lanes. Diverting the traffic again depends on the frequency of the traffic on the reverse side, type of area where the vehicle wanted to reach(needs to have a smart electronics board for information), Type of local area (City or outside the city). Ms Charushila and Dr Nema Shikha Traffic prediction using IoT and Machine Learning In this context, using an improved deep learning model, the complex interactions among roadways, transportation traffic, environmental elements, and traffic crashes have been explored. Once the real time traffic data is available an optimal traffic flow prediction model is created using optimized HMM framework, which directly predicts the corresponding traffic flow. Ms Charushila and Dr Nema Shikha Low Complexity IAOR Signal Detection for Uplink GSM - Massive MIMO Systems In the MMSE detector, the computational complexity to calculate the inverse of the channel matrix is ​​very high. Low complexity and energy-efficient signal detection algorithm called Improved Accelerated over Relaxation (IAOR) is implemented for large-scale MIMO systems. The algorithm can iteratively detect the transmitted signal without the complicated inversion of the channel matrix. Ms Seema H. and Dr Nema Shikha

  • Information Technology | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Information Technology 1/2 Links Departments Faculty STTP/FDP/Workshops Conducted Faculty Participation in STTP/FDP Timetable Projects Student Achievement The Information Technology department was established in 1997 in the same year when the institute was started and has grown over the years to be a competent department with state of the art computing facilities and a dedicated faculty. The goal of the department is to establish state of the art computing environment to develop competent computer engineers imbibed with the spirit of professionalism and responsible citizenship. The department emphasizes the vision of the Usha Mittal Institute of Technology for excellence in education. Highly qualified, dedicated faculty and good infrastructure facilities make this dream realizable. Vision To be a center imparting quality Information Technology skills to create next generation women technocrats. Mission To impart professional training endowed with human values and ethics. To help transform learners into competent engineers capable of providing solutions to help meet the global demands of the dynamic IT industry. Programmes Offered B. Tech in Information Technology B. Tech in Data Science ​ Programme Objectives To produce graduates with a strong foundation in Information Technology Engineering To instill skills to help learners analyze, design, develop, optimize and implement IT solutions To inculcate ethical values and an attitude of lifelong learning and research in graduates to help them pursue higher education To help learners communicate effectively and responsibly with employers, clients, colleagues and society. Best practices & Salient Features Keeping in mind current requirement of world wide skill set, Department if IT is in process to start, certificate course on Data Analytics, Geoscience Information System. Department of IT, took initiative for getting Campus License for online education from “Coursera”, which is known as to offer high quality, job relevant online education. Use of blended learning mode to support online and on site education. Laboratories DATA STRUCTURE LAB OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING LAB NETWORK LAB DATABASE LAB CLOUD COMPUTING LAB DATA ANALYTICS LAB

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    Hackathon and Internship Home / Placements Hackathon Internship Hackathon NASA Space App Challange Make inventive solutions to real-world challenges using actual data from space. 2nd Oct - 3rd Oct, 2021 Tech Jam TechJam is a global collaboration platform to crowdsource technology-led innovations from the brightest minds across the globe to develop implementable solutions and prototypes to transform the game of Cricket on and off the field. 22nd June - 2nd Sept, 2021 Tech for Sustainability Tech for Sustainability is a global initative for students, researchers, startups and innovative individuals to leverage technology to solve real-world sustainability challenges and shape our future along with Siemens. Participate by choosing a challenge listed below and work on real problems by submitting your ideas. 27th July - 21st Sept, 2021 Peddie Hacks PeddieHacks is a 48 hour online hackathon hosted by the Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey. It is open to all high school and college undergraduate students and is a competition where novice and experienced programmers work together to design solutions for real world problems and participate in workshops. Aug 20 - Aug 22, 2021 Elevate Hacks Elevate Hacks is an international virtual hackathon for female identifying and non-binary students coming from August 13th to 15th Aug 13 - Aug 15, 2021 Sego Lily Hacks Sego Lily Hacks is Salt Lake City’s first virtual hackathon for women and non-binary individuals in high school and university from all around the world. Aug 6 - Aug 8, 2021 RoboHacks Build futuristic projects at RoboHacks with us! Think of innovative solutions using technology and work on projects that inspire you. Whether it's building a robot to learn something new or working on automation, this weekend is all about hacking something incredible! Join us for a fun weekend of hacking, workshops, mini-events, and more! While we'd love to have you build something on the theme, our themes are only here for inspiration. As always, build whatever you'd like! Aug 6 - Aug 8, 2021 ETHOdyssey The mainstream is waking up to the wonders of the blockchain. With more eyes on the ecosystem than ever before, this is an unparalleled opportunity to build the decentralized applications that the masses will use. Get ready for ETHOdyssey: A Global Ethereum hackathon part of the ETHIndia Online series! July 2 - August 1, 2021

  • CST Faculty | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Faculty in Computer Science and Technology Home / Department / Computer-Science-and-Technology / Faculty Dr. Sanjay S. Pawar Principal (HoD of CST) Ph.D. Experience : 28 years Fiber Optic communication and optical networks, wirelss networks, backbone and access Sumedh N Pundkar Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 21 years Object Oriented Methodology,Cyber Security Sonali Bodekar Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 4.5 years Data Mining, Big data analytics Kumud D. Wasnik Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 28 years Clouding computing,Advanced Databases,Data mining and Data Warehouse Rachana Dhannawat Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 18 years Image Processing, Data structure and Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, Computer graphics Prajakta Gotarne Assistant Professor M.E Experience : 3 years Big data analytics. Data Science, Artificial Intelligence Narendra T. Gawai Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 22 years Big Data analytic, Data base Security,Data Mining Amrapali Mhaisgawali Assistant Professor M.E. Experience : 16 years Business Analystics,Data Science,Network Security,Mobile Application Development

  • DSC | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Council and Committees Gallery Google Developer Student Clubs of Usha Mittal Institute Of Technology, powered by Google Developers, is a learning community that aims to inspire intelligent minds in the field of technology. It is open to any student, ranging from amateur developers who are just starting to advanced developers to experts. It is a community for students to connect and collaborate as they solve real-world problems. We at GDSC UMIT believe in building a strong community where people can learn and grow together. Our goal is to combine new ideas with technical skills to create something innovative. Activities HACK THE SPACE (HACKATHON) CLOUD STUDY JAM GOOGLE SOLUTION CHALLENGE WINTER CODESS (HACKATHON) ANDROID STUDY JAM 30 DAYS OF WEB DEVELOPMENT Co- Ordinator Dr. Sanjay Pawar Council 2021-22 Contact us~

  • UA^2 | Usha Mittal Institute of Technology

    Council and Committees Gallery Usha Mittal Institute of technology had its alumnae association way back in 2008 which has been reestablished in 2015 with the aim of connecting the Alumnae with the college. UA^2 - UMIT Alumni Association formed in order to foster new and strong bonds between the alumni, students and the faculty members. It offers student- alumni contact, networking services and various events and reunions. Activities ALUMNAE MEET 2020-21 QUIZATHON LIVE SESSIONS WITH ALUMNAE INTERACTIONS WITH OUR ALUMNAE Co- Ordinators Prof. Rajni Nair Prof. Sharmila K. Council 2021-22 Contact us ~